Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

Here is what I'm working with for inspiration right now. My bathroom is currently white with little pink tile borders and accents in the cabinet, shower and around the floor. I'm hoping to update it to something more inviting that matches the theme of my living room. I can't redo the tub and shower right now or replace the vanity, so I'm hoping to hide the obnoxious pink tub and tiles and paint the vanity. The floor is in decent shape (neutral grey and cream linoleum tiles) and that will be easy to match.
I want the bathroom to be a peaceful green with a deep brown vanity. I'll attempt to remove the tiles around the floor. If that doesn't work they just might get painted. I'm going to paint the vanity and put new hardware on it. I have a large white-framed wall mirror that I will paint brown like the vanity. The sink in it is new and white without any chips or cracks. I may put in a new faucet to match the hardware. The current one is the cheap standard kind and is pretty icky.
To hide the tub, I will keep the current cloth shower curtain and hang two draped cream taffeta curtains with tie backs on either side of the tub (the same way you would adorn a window). I'll buy a thick medium beige rug and get a matching toilet lid cozy maybe.
Changing or replacing the fluorescent strip like will probably be more work than I want to get into, but maybe I could build a casing for the light out of brown wood and frosted plastic. We'll see!

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