Thursday, March 18, 2010

Up and About

Today has been a very fun day that started early. I woke up with Alan this morning to help him get ready for work and he left the house at 7am. Much earlier than I'm used to getting up. The time change made it hard because it was so dark outside. But, It's kinda nice it being lighter out later in the day because Alan has another hour of daylight once he gets off work to get things done. Anyway, I am working on organizing my closet and getting rid of, or temporarily storing, the clothes that we don't wear. It's a big task lemme tell you, and one I have to work on in pieces while the little guy is asleep. Once Redding woke up this morning we had breakfast and I did devotions with a book I'm working through called "Created to Be his Help Meet" by Debi Pearl. It is very good and challenging. I'll do an in-depth review of it eventually, but for now if you want to know how to make your marriage amazing, buy this book.
After that Redding and I played and cleaned house, made lunch and had lunch with Alan which was very nice :)
We spent two hours shopping at Wal-Mart and stopped at the pet store on the way home so I could restock my fish tank which has been very lonely since my last set of fish passed.
I bought a jungle val plant, some sort of grass, and three little zebra danios which I have always wanted, but haven't owned until now.

I'm off now to make my first Rock Star Ambitions Outfit set for an Etsy Order! Yay!
And joy of joy's, I'll be making it on my very own Singer sewing machine which has been out of commission for the last year until three days ago when I fixed it! That's right. Alan didn't even have to help. I was very proud of myself :) Be looking for a tutorial on that soon.
Off to sewing!

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