Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

I'm taking a little break from cleaning to eat lunch and play with Redding. This week has started my spring cleaning. We have been slowly moving things into the garage to get rid of, but we had to move the contents of one of our closets into the living room and since every available storage space has been filled I have to make room. I started with the laundry yesterday and finished that today. I have finally decided that I want to have more space than I want to keep all the stuff I never use. I also hope that we can make enough money at the yard sale to start some house remodeling. Alan is having commute to Orlando three days this week so I'm hoping to get most everything done while he is working the long days.

I'm a serious pack rat and I haven't ever done a serious purging of stuff I don't need. The hard part is going through my stuff from high school and getting rid of things that don't really fit my style now or that have sentimental value. But I reeeeeeeally want a clean and not cluttered house.

I was in a get things done kinda mood today so I hung up a shelf and my new IKEA spice rack. Not a big deal, but it involved measuring, drilling and using screw expanders and then hanging the stuff. I felt a bit accomplished :)

Back to work now, but first playtime with Redding!

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