Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Clothes!

So, I'm super excited about the new shirts I inherited from my friend Katie and some new shirts I found at the mall. Summer is getting into gear in Sunny Central FL and it is time to make a decision: To wear shorts, or to not wear shorts...

Now, I'm a firm believer in the evils of denim in summertime, but I'm also against seeing my legs in shorts. So, what to do? I have settled this dilemma by hidden option number 3, wear neither. That's right. I'm going to dress like 50's housewife. It's all dresses and skirts this summer. Well, except in my house, where athletic shorts reign. To meet the missing need in my life for cute skirts, I am working on sewing up a couple styles.

The first I made was a simple double-layered, cranberry, knit, knee-length skirt with an elastic waistband. The second is resting on my sewing table waiting for the addition of elastic to the waist. I found the second skirt in the clearance section at Ross and it was much to big with a broken zipper, but it was baby pink with dark brown and black floral pattern and a few white flowers around the bottom. It is a lightweight cotton with a thin lining and it is a twirly skirt! That was the selling point for me. It has triangle panels sewn in to give it the twirlyness and an A-line cut. It came down to my ankles so I shortened it from the waist to just below my knees and zig-zag sewed the invisible zipper closed after removing the zipper part. I'm not sure if I want to fold the waist band twice and run the elastic through the casing or if I want to sew the elastic directly to the inside of the skirt. There's pro's and con's with each, so I'm still up in the air. I'll decide tomorrow when I go to sew it.

Tomorrow will be full of Biscotti making for the mothers in my life and giving the house a final go over before my in-laws come in to town for supper. It will be very nice to see them and for them to get to spend time with Redding.

Alan starts his new job on Monday after being at home in the transition phase for two weeks. Redding has so enjoyed spending time with him during the day and Alan has been wonderful to have at home to keep me company and have around the house. He is truly my best friend. We are looking forward to this change and are excited about the changes and the challenges and interest a new job will present.

I have been very busy with Etsy lately as I have sold 8 Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Hats and One pom pom hat in the last three wks which has been very fun. I'm so thankful that God is providing me with business and that I can offer a product that buyers like.

Gonna get back to watching Justified with my friends now and catch up on the last two weeks episodes.


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  1. I like the wear dresses Idea. I hate showing my legs in the summer...