Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sick Day :(

My sweet little baby boy has his first cold. I am thankful that he's been so healthy and has made it eight whole months without being sick and without even too many problems teething. But he woke up today with a fever and tylenol didn't seem to bring his fever down and by the time he saw the doctor this afternoon it was 102.6F. The poor little guy just doesn't feel good at all. He barely ate breakfast and wasn't really hungry until 4pm which is highly unusual for him. He simply wanted me to hold him and rock him most of the day. His fever seems to have come down after getting more medicine in him and he was able to play for an hour or so without too much complaint. I hate when he's sick and I can't make it go away :(

He was born with a incomplete left cleft lip and some notching in his left top gum, but thankfully that has never really interfered with his life. He had a hard time eating as a newborn, well, more like he had a hard time getting full enough because he took in so much air when he ate through the little cleft in his lip. Once we figured out the best bottle to use was the Playtex Drop-Ins he didn't take near the amount of air in and was perfectly normal, well, except that when he ate his baby food it would go straight up his left nostril sometimes :)

He had surgery on it in the begining of July at five months old and it was a very traumatic experience. But that's quite a long story and I'll give that full credit at a later time. Praise God he is healing very well from that. But whenever he doesn't feel good I'm reminded of those stressful days after surgery.

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  1. Erin,
    we don't know each other, but Abby from Feathered Nest is my friend. I saw your comment about your little man having cleft. I too have a daughter that was born with cleft palet, so I just had to swing by your blog to take a peek. He is a darling little man, and I hope he is feeling much better. I also remember the nightmare of our couple surgeries and our little one not doing very well post-op. I took a picture and her eyes looked just like your babies. It must have been the meds. Thank goodness for modern day doctors who work miracles thru God. I hope you are thru with surgeries and he looks great.